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Our Wash Is Packed With  Advanced Technology

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car wash chemicals


Our wash's chemicals are specially selected and tuned to provide you with the cleanest car possible!

Bug Blaster

Rainbow Coat

Our bug blaster, which is included on every wash, helps loosen dirt, remove grease, oils, bugs, bird droppings, and other organic material from the vehicle. Additionally, our bug blaster helps neutralize any remaining acidity left on the vehicle.

Our vibrant, tri-color, fruity scented Rainbow Detergent conditions your vehicle's finish by breaking down deep penetrating dirt and grime and helps provide a brilliant, glossy exterior.

3-Step Wheel Cleaner

Our advanced 3-Step Wheel Cleaning process uses a combination of high pH grime penetrating foam, gentle targeted friction, and high pressure wheel blasters to clean and shine your wheels. 

Hot Wax

Our blue-raspberry scented hot wax formula provides an impressive Carnauba wax protection & shine that creates a barrier between elements and your car's paint.

Rain Shield

Towards the end of the wash, we apply a rain repellent that adheres, shines, seals and protects your vehicle's finish from environmental wear for a longer lasting shine.


Our tropical scented Ceramic formula adds another layer of protection by guarding against dirt, grime, and other environmental conditions. This Ceramic formula is hydrophobic, and exceptional at repelling water, leaving you with a much dryer car and a longer lasting wash. The end result is a glossier and more enhanced paint color, giving you that showroom like finish!

Tire Shine


Our Tire Shine is a protective gloss coating that is applied to your tires using a gentle bristle applicator to keep your tires shiny & looking their best.

Our UV protectant is an Australian based product created for the harsh elements of the outback. This protectant is applied towards the end of the wash and provides powerful UV-protection to your vehicle's paint.

Wash Technology

conveyor belt
Dual Conveyor Belt
spot free rinse
Spot-Free Rinse
vehicle safety
Vehicle Safety System
heated dryers
Heated Dryers
underbody sprayer
Underbody Flush
truck in car wash
Advanced Drying System
entry screen
Easy Load-on
license plate recongition
License Plate Recognition
vehicle safety

Sustainable and Energy Efficient 

Not all car washes are created equal when it comes to efficiency and sustainability. At Coulter Express, sustainability, energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions is important to us which is why our facilities are LEED certifiable and are built from the ground up to be eco-friendly. To accomplish this, we have implemented various technologies in our facilities that reduce carbon emissions and help improve our overall efficiency and sustainability.
variable frequency drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have proved to have a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions worldwide through precise and efficient control of electric motors. We use these at all of our sites to help reduce emissions and to help reduce stress on equipment and the electrical grid.

car wash tunnel


Though our large windows lining both sides of our tunnel is a fun way for you to see the wash process from the outside, it actually helps us to improve our efficiency! When coupled with our translucent roof, all of the natural light helps us to create a bright and open environment for the wash tunnel. In addition, all of our buildings are built with 100% LED lighting. Due to their low energy consumption, our LED lights contribute the least amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of all other lighting sources, significantly reducing our carbon emissions. 

water saving system

Water Conservation 

Our wash features state-of-the-art car wash detergents, targeted application systems, reverse osmosis systems and an industry-leading water reclamation system. These help us to reduce our overall water consumption and keep dirty water containing soap, detergents, residue from exhaust fumes, gasoline, and motor oils from soaking into the ground or from flowing directly into storm drains where it can harm water quality and wildlife when compared to traditional methods. 

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